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Extra Depth Footwear

For patients with diabetes, extra depth footwear is very important, particularly if there is loss of sensation (peripheral neuropathy). Correct fit in the correct type of shoes is crucial to preventing or reducing calluses and diabetic ulcers, as well as preventing amputations.

People who suffer from peripheral neuropathy often wear shoes that are too narrow, or too short, because there is a loss of protective sensation in their feet. A diabetic should always have footwear fit by a certified pedorthist who is trained to fit the footwear properly.

Extra depth footwear, as approved by Medicare, is designed to relieve areas that cause excessive pressure, such as hammertoes, bunions, and extreme foot shapes. They are able to accommodate, stabilize and support deformities. Extra depth shoes will have seamless and deeper toe boxes. They will also have different lasts, or shapes to fit different types of feet. Because of their adjustability, they are available in many sizes and widths in order to achieve a proper fit. If necessary, custom fabricated shoes can be ordered that are made from a cast of the foot.

To avoid irritation to the foot, extra depth footwear should be worn with seamless socks that do not have an elastic band at the top. White socks are preferred so that any discharge, indicating a sore, will be seen on the socks.

Brownfield’s is committed to working with any physician to minimize diabetic foot problems and keeping patient’s feet in healthy condition.

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