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Compression Hose

Compression hose are used to promote proper circulation and reduce swelling in the legs. They are often prescribed for painful or achy legs, edema, varicose veins, and lymphedema. They are available in ready to wear and custom made styles. Ready to wear will usually be chosen if the leg measurements fall within the size and compression guidelines of that style. Custom garments can be measured and made to order. There are varying degrees of compression that are used depending on the type of problem being treated. A doctor will determine the amount of compression and the style needed.

Compression hose are available in 3 height styles: knee high, thigh high or pantyhose.

There are also different types of compression hose. Gradient compression hose are woven to apply greater pressure in the ankle than in the calf. Ted Hose have minimal non-gradient compression, and are generally used on patients that are bed ridden or are not frequently on their feet.

Gradient compression stockings are available in different pressures. Off the shelf is usually 8-15 mmHg or 12-16 mmHg, and would be considered light support. These are usually sized by the users shoe size or height and weight.

The following pressures require a doctor’s prescription: 15-20 mmHg which delivers mild therapeutic compression, 20-30 mmHg delivering medium compression, 30-40 mmHg delivering moderate compression, and 40-50 mmHg or higher is for severe medical issues and is rarely prescribed. All prescription strengths are sized by measuring the circumference of the limbs being treated.

Compression stockings should be measured and fitted by a certified compression garment fitter. Assuring proper fit and wear is essential to good patient compliance and maximizing the benefits of compression therapy. At Brownfield’s, our certified fitters pride themselves on their service and knowledge of compression garments and the therapeutic benefits they provide.

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